Reconfiguration of Sir William Siemens House’s Car Park Complete

PP O’Connor completed Siemen’s car park reconfiguration at Sir Williams House, Manchester this month.

Completed in just 23 weeks the project was challenging due to it being located at a busy research facility with 500 car parking spaces needing to be available 24/7.

PP O’Connor had to ensure work to proceed without affecting local neighbours day to day lives which includes three schools as well as near-by houses and police station. A further obstacle faced was significant elements of the works like earthworks, drainage, external electrical installation needed to be undertaken through winter.

Charmaine O’Connor, chief executive, PP O’Connor said: “I am delighted we’ve completed the reconfiguration of Sir William Siemens House’s car park. It’s great that our team managed to complete the work on time despite facing substantial challenges. It is fantastic to have work with Siemens on this project.”

As with all its projects, PP O’Connor included robust environmental measures on the project: 90% of all materials deemed as waste were recycled; a “Switch It Off” campaign was implemented across the site to encourage fuel savings and emission reductions; the lighting of site accommodation was through passive infrared sensor (PIR) motion sensors to reduce power consumption.