Below are some examples of the work we have carried out for the energy sector.

Project: Carrington Power CCGT
Client: Sisk
Value: £6m
Duration: 52 Weeks

Carrington Power is an electricity generation project which, will generate enough electricity to supply the needs of approximately one million homes. Built to use Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT) technology, the facility will be amongst the most efficient generators of electricity in the UK, providing maximum energy efficiency with minimal impact to the environment.

Scope of works

Bulk excavations carried out inside piled cofferdams and between concrete piles; categorising and removal of inert and non-hazardous material; haul road construction; forming piling platforms; pile cropping and minor civil works including blinding; construction of steps and handrails; foundation pads and drainage/ducting for temporary site offices.

Project innovation

Construction of a lagoon to manage ground water conditions; pumping water allowing for suspended solids to settle with the water then being re-used for dust suppression.


Project: Hutton 400Kv Substation
Client: Electricity Alliance North
Value: £1.35m
Duration: 52 Weeks

To enable the upgrade and expansion of the existing electrical substation in Cumbria for Electricity Alliance North, PP O’Connor was engaged to carry out all earthworks and ground-level and enablement for the proposed new build structures and associated new roads and drainage.

Scope of works

Sequenced top soil strip and stockpiling followed by cut and fill to the correct levels to create new development platforms. Sub soils were excavated, classified and stockpiled for later use on site while surplus materials were taken off site and used elsewhere.  Imported aggregates were directly deposited in the required area for level and compaction to the required specification. As the existing substation was live, all works were carried out within close proximity to live electricity pylons, overhead and underground power lines.

Project innovation

Using GPS enabled plant which provides immediate access to under-earth visibility of the area of dig; PP O’Connor improved accuracy of the dig and dramatically reduced engineering time through reducing the need for engineering input.