Environmental sustainability and responsibility is a core value at PP O’Connor.

We believe sustainability is about optimising our environmental, social and economic impacts in order to meet and exceed client expectations engage effectively with all our stakeholders and set standards for our supply chain.

We operate a SHEQ Management System, certified to ISO 14001 which demonstrates our commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment. In particular, we recognise our responsibility to improve energy efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and limit the emission of greenhouse gases from our permanent facilities, plant, vehicle fleets and projects.

The environmental philosophy adopted by PP O’Connor is to ensure that the environmental impacts resulting from our operations are effectively controlled and minimised, to ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and other requirements and to continually improve our environmental performance and processes. We do this through:

  1. Actively minimising the amount of waste that goes to landfill sites by maximising the amount of materials that can be recycled. We own and operate waste transfer and treatment facilities where waste materials can be segregated and processed into a range of recycled aggregates and products, ready for re-use within the construction industry. For in situ recycling, we can provide our state-of-the-art diesel/electric on-site mobile crusher units which minimise noise and air pollution.
  2. Investing in state-of-the-art modern plant, equipment and fleet that our skilled operatives use. We continually renew our fleet to ensure each vehicle and machine is running to its optimum performance, reducing emissions and fuel costs which actively contribute to a project’s carbon footprint. We actively seek new machinery and vehicles which produce lower emissions, reducing our pollution impact.
  3. Implementation of bespoke project Environmental and Site Waste Management Plans as standard providing efficiency savings through controlled waste management.
  4. Ensuring our specialist subcontract partners and suppliers achieve our environmental standards.