Find out more about our work with industry through the examples below.

Project: Wrexham Industrial Estate
Client: Kingmore Park Properties Ltd
Value: £650,000

A complex project, PP O’Connor was engaged to demolish a total of twenty individual structures of varying size, just 400m from a large residential area and a fully occupied industrial estate.

Scope of works:

To demolish 12 buildings of various construction, six 35m in situ concrete silos supported in two separate steel-framed grillage structures 40-45m high and two furnaces incorporating 75m high recuperators.

Deconstruction methods:

The most time-effective and cost efficient method of deconstruction for the six 35m in situ concrete silos and two 75m high recuperators was by controlled explosive techniques.

Initial works included separating all interlinking pipes, gantries, access stairs and services to allow each building to stand independently. To dictate the direction of the blow-down, strategic sections were cut out of the buildings without compromising their stability. The placed explosives were detonated by specialist engineers and fell as planned into their drop zones.


Project: Tate & Lyle
Client: New Britain Oils Ltd
Value: £185,000

A complex and demanding project to safely deconstruct a 47m tall (13-storey) silo tower and adjoining conveyor bridge in the heart of Liverpool’s docklands. The bridge was attached to the silo tower at the top floor and spanned a busy arterial road in Liverpool.  Adjacent to the silo tower is a Grade II listed building which remained intact and undamaged during the works.

Scope of works:

The structural separation of the steel conveyor bridge from the tower; sensitive deconstruction of 47m silo tower ensuring no damage was caused to the Grade II listed building; backfilling of all voids; on site recycling.

Key considerations:

A noise, dust and vibration monitoring regime was put in place along with specialist protection to ensure the integrity of the Grade II listed building during the works. Traffic management was developed and implemented to ensure the safe deconstruction and removal of the conveyor bridge which spanned the busy road.

Project innovation:

Approximately 97% of materials were recycled in situ with the majority being reused on site, minimising the project’s carbon footprint.