Work starts on new Jaguar Land Rover Showroom in Chester

P.P. O’Connor has started work on the new Hunters Jaguar Land Rover showroom, assisting Robertson Construction North West on this exciting new dealership. The £1.7 million project is expected to take approximately 54 weeks to complete.

The site enabling, groundworks and external works package involves the initial site preparation including bulk earthworks, the site drainage systems, including the installation of large attenuation tanks to ensure EA compliance. In addition follow on works will be the services installations to the new showroom, the buildings foundations and insulated floor slabs.

As part of the initial ground works a series of cassettes will be constructed. The cassettes are part of the vehicle servicing mechanism to lift the vehicles within the workshop space to be raised safely in order for the mechanics toundertake works to the beneath the vehicles. The works are required to be constructed at depth and consequently a large series of temporary sheet piled cofferdams have been installed. One major challenge is while the site is inland, it is under the influence of the tidal River Dee. To overcome this the entire excavations throughout the site have been constructed within an extensive temporary dewatering system.

The completed dealership will be 6,000 square metre facility including office space, showrooms, workshops and parking over a roof deck.

Charmaine O’Connor, chief executive, P.P. O’Connor commented: “We are delighted to be working with Robertson Construction North West on the new Jaguar Land Rover dealership in Chester. Our in house resource will self-deliver our entire works package. We look forward to visiting the new showroom once fully completed.”